Am I Vertically Challenged with a Bit of a Belly or Broad Shoulders

Al Roker



Sure you can find your size in any style of tuxedo but  you want to look amazing too. (If you are getting married, so does the Bride) So why not wear the tuxedo style and accessories that will give you the look of a fashion magazine? This article is the second installment in a series of articles dealing with the perfect tuxedo style for your physique. The last article was titled Vertically Challenged Tuxedo StylesIf you haven’t read this article, please do, you may find it helpful. The current post expands on the last.

Am I Vertically Challenged with a bit of a Belly or Broad Shoulders?  If this is you, choose the vest which will make you appear taller, instead of the cummerbund which will make your middle wider. As stated in the previous article, the “1” button or the “2” button Tuxedo style is perfect for you.  These two tuxedo styles look great on anyone.  However, stay away from the “athletic” cut tuxedos if you have more than a bit of a belly.  For the shirt, if you have a thick neck, don’t wear the Wing Collar shirt.  It will make your face look heavier.  You may also want to also avoid the bow tie.  Choose the traditional neck tie (long tie) which will draw attention downward instead of focusing on your neck.

Most tuxedo pants are fitted with side tabs. They are more comfortable and don’t add more to the waistline as a belt would.

Apart from formal wear, check out How to Look Taller.

Daymond John and Robert Herjavec – are great examples of how to dress to look taller – and they make it look easy:


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