Get her to say I DO with a Romantic Dinner For Two

photo by ozfoodie

Although many people choose restaurants as a place to propose marriage, a wedding proposal should be an intimate occasion and you DO want it to be a surprise. There is nothing that says “I LOVE YOU” better than a romantic dinner for two. Hopefully you are already aware of any food allergies and food favorites. Of course this special dinner should be complete with soft music and dim lights or candles. Lavender scented candles really set the mood.

So…to get her to say “I DO”, I have provided a list of great romantic dinners. Some are simple for the novice and others are more advanced culinary endeavors. Either way, she will be inclined to say “I DO”.


Mpress her with one of my Top 10 Romantic Meals. These are all ideas you can create in less time than waiting for a restaurant table if you know a few basic cooking methods.

If you want to treat your loved one to a romantic night in, but don’t know a spatula from a whisk, here are 15 divine recipes that are perfect for a …Click here for “Romantic Dinner: Easy Recipes for the Novice Chef”

The most romantic thing you can do on Valentine’s Day is make a meal for the … Here are a few favorites….Click here for “24 Romantic Recipes for Valentines Dinner at Home.”              

Here  are some romantic dinners that are a little more advanced however, even these dinners are quite simple. Although some may have a holiday theme, they make a wonderful dinner as a prelude to a marriage proposal and will get you an “I DO”.

Why go out when you can have a romantic evening in with your special someone ? Try one of these mouth-watering recipes made for love.  Click here for more Romantic Dinners Suggestions.

And if you need more ideas…Our 50 Easy Dinner Recipes for Two are all tailor-made for a party of two, so whether you’re looking for quick dinners for two or a menu for a romantic dinner just Click here… 

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